Dr Feelgood Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
There’s feeling good, and then there is, oh my goodness, I’m feeling good. If your sentiment is the latter, then Habenero has succeeded in doing its job. The gaming marvel is Dr. Feelgood. And make no mistake about it, after wrapping and immersing yourself in this 25 pay line bizarre.

Habanero Decides To Play Doctor

Habanero is that game whizz that you want to follow and tell all your friends about. Actually, telling friends and family about Habanero is a good thing, especially when it applies to the animated and sophisticated slot principles found in Dr. Feelgood.

Dr. Feelgood Invites You To A Free Appointment

In most cases, the doctor charges you for a visit, but this isn’t so when it comes to Dr. Feelgood. Yes, suppose you desire to win actual money. In that case, you must put some money down, which we will discuss, but consider the demo play version your free consultation to play some practice play rounds so you can get the feel of this amusing and rewarding title.

You’re Going To Love This Doctor

I guess the title, Dr. Feelgood, gives the game’s theme away. Dr. Feelgood inspires you to want to come to the doctor for more than your checkup from start to finish. Habanero really shows its creative genius by patterning the game around a quaint doctor’s visit, which explains why Dr. Feelgood’s gameplay occurs in the middle of the doctor’s office. Dr. Feelgood’s fonts and game icons range from adulthood to a pediatric feel.

This Doctor Makes Things Quite Pleasant

Dr. Feelgood provides all the essential game features to make this a successful doctor’s visit. Dr. Feelgood delivers an autoplay button and an options button. Dr. Feelgood’s autoplay is good enough to have you laughing and joking with your doctor with scores of arranged bets. You can take charge of this virtual doctor’s visit and handle your personalized bets.

Dr. Feelgood has more gaming amenities such as pay line arrows and coin buttons to help you get your bet right. It rounds things up with an options button.

Dr. Feelgood Is A Jack Of All Trades

Dr. Feelgood is a versatile doctor in numerous ways. You stand to win it all during your routine checkup, or you can grow your wins further through the re-spins feature. We will talk in length about Dr. Feelgood’s re-spins round.

Feeling Great About Yourself With The Pay Lines

Dr. Feelgood delivers the gaming punch with the 25 pay lines. Dr. Feelgood covers the basics with the pay line arrows. You can make a strong impression at this Doctor’s office by gambling on the entire 25 pay lines, or you can opt to wait in the waiting room by gambling on lesser pay lines.

Become Chummy With The Coin Value Buttons

Dr. Feelgood gives you that well-deserved lollipop for being good through the coin-value buttons. Dr. Feelgood opens the gaming foray with one cent to the entire five-dollar threshold.

Revel In Dr. Feelgood’s Paytable

Dr. Feelgood goes into overtime with the hustle and bustle of the paytable. The dedicated nurse is Dr. Feelgood’s wild symbol, and she doubles winning combinations. Please bear in mind that the nurse on lands on the second, third, and fourth reels.

The man of the hour, Dr. Feelgood himself, is all smiles, for he delivers the charming and professional 12,500 credits for five of him on the reels. The sick patient all smiles to the tune of 2,500 credits while the hospital and the ambulance serve you to 500 credits. Dr. Feelgood thinks about everything with the gaming symbols, including the adorable teddy bear.

Step Into My Office, My Friend…

Because Dr. Feelgood endeavors you to feel good by any means necessary through the bonus rounds. Step in for an extra consultation with the re-spins bonus round.

Feel Free To Spin

Dr. Feelgood continues the love affair with the doctor through the re-spins feature. It takes the scatter landing on the second and fifth reels to open up the re-spins feature. The first and fifth reels in Dr. Feelgood are locked in place with the re-spin feature while the other reels are spun. If the nurse or the scatter lands, you get to do the re-spins round all over again.

You’re Going To Love Dr. Feelgood’s Return To Player

What better way to conclude the doctor visit by hauling in the lucrative return to player.

The Internet Loves Dr. Feelgood

Dr. Feelgood continues receiving dynamite reviews throughout the internet. So the only healthy question is why aren’t you booking your doctor’s appointment.

It Pays To Go To The Hospital

Dr. Feelgood is widely available at online casinos that support the Habanero gaming engine. These online casinos have a multitude of options to make a deposit and to get into the game.

Try To Have Fun

Dr. Feelgood wants to remind all those that play that the aim is to have fun.

But If You Want To Tip Your Doctor…

That is no problem at all. Doctor Feelgood jumps into the fray with many user-friendly banking options to help get you through the day.

Do You Prefer A Mobile Appointment?

If you do, then Dr. Feelgood is the game for you. Dr. Feelgood cross-platforms with ease on the significant smart devices, but it works like a charm on home computers.