Instant Casino

Yes, you are correct if you are thinking that is quite a boast. However, we think we can back it up with instant play games from 11 major brands working hard to produce the best online casino games available today.

Instant gaming is the best way to play whenever you are ready. It means you don’t have to download a thing. It means you don’t need to stick with the same computer. You can use any device you wish with the same login whenever you’re ready to play. How good is that? You can sign in and be ready to play just a few seconds later. The hardest part is in figuring out which of the many available slots and games you are going to try first.

What a great problem to have, hmm?

Choose your gaming category and get started

This is the best piece of advice we can give you when you enter our instant play casino. Golden Reels is all about the slots, of course – that’s why we chose our name. But there are many other games to consider as well, such as new ones, live dealer games, table games, and even some video poker titles. With so many options, you will find something for every mood and occasion.

Did you know you can practice our games before you play the real thing?

Isn’t that refreshing? We don’t expect you to even create an account before you try them either. Check out a few, take a spin around the slots, and see whether you can find enough to play to tempt you to join us for real. The choice is yours, giving you plenty to think about as you start checking out our collection.

Switch to real play by opening an account today

We think you’ll likely reach the stage where playing the real versions of our casino games is a no brainer. If you want to visit Golden Reels Casino for the real experience, you can sign up, grab your welcome bonuses, and get ready to play in our instant play casino today.