Burning Wins Slots

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5-reel, video, classic
Fruits, Classic Slot Symbols
Some things are not meant to burn, but some are meant to burn. Welcome to Burning Wins, a fabulous five-reel game brought to you by the talented newcomer, Playson.

A Few Words About Playson

Playson is still a new kid on the block among the gaming developers. It already has an impressive 30 game roster, with Burning Wins a proud member of it. Playson continues making its mark with spectacular five-reel games that are visually charming and rewarding as well. The fruit of this labor is Burning Wilds.

Take Your Time And Feel The Burn

Burnings Wins is a fast burn, and if you wish, a slow burn depending on your gaming tastes. Playson understands this, which is why it crafts Burning Wins in a pattern where you can get the feel and the hang of this dynamite game. All of Burning Wins features are available, but you won’t real money in the process.

Burning Wins Is Rock Solid Through And Through

The time has come to deliver the goods for slot games. Burnings Wins is all about the illustrious combination of fruit with classic three-reel symbols. Throw all of this onto the reels, and you have the ultimate game rock known as Burning Wins.

Burning Up The Design

Burning Wins doesn’t leave you hanging with the game functions. All that you need to bring it home are available in the eye’s view. Burning Wins opens the foray with the autoplay feature, where you can outsource these necessary functions to Burning Wins’ automated system, or you can bring it home with the manual play feature. Again, the power of Burning Wins is in your hands. Burning Wins offers additional functions like the options button where you can continue to craft the sensitive game settings to get yourself in the game.

Burning Wins Blazes Multiple Trails To Victory

Burning Wins lights up the winning column through regular gameplay, or you can spice things up with by getting up to the 75 times your bet placed. We will talk more about the multiple paths to victory you have playing Burns Wins.

Burning Wins Delivers The Goods With Terrific Gameplay

Burning Wins doesn’t believe in leaving anybody behind. Oh, no, far from it. We continue the winning thrills with all the necessary game features you’ll need to get over and secure the bag, so to speak. We open the gaming discussion by talking about the remarkable autoplay feature, which can handle scores of bets in an arranged fashion. Still, you can continue to control the tempo and feel by placing manual bets.

Burning Wins also sets the stage for precise gameplay with the pay lines and coin value buttons to help you get further control of the game. We will dive deeper into these details, and much more, so don’t worry, you are going to get a thorough education and break down about Burning Wins.

Scorching On All Angles

Burning Wins doesn’t believe in doing anything the simple way. Burning Wins provides many ways to win, so your odds of coming out on top increased dramatically.

Just Spin It Baby

Burning Wins only has five pay lines, but they are all that you need to get some serious bang for your buck. The ability to choose your Burning Wins pay lines lies with the pay line arrows. The stage is set for you to wager on the whole five pay lines, or you can take your time and place bets on smaller pay lines to suit your gaming needs and tastes.

Cooling Off The Coin Buttons

Burning Wins gives you extra flexibility by giving the player the option to arrange their precise coin bet. These wagers commence at one-cent and increase to five dollars. The maximum bet per spin playing Burning Wins is $25.

Welcome To The Burning Wins Paytable

Burning Wins increases the intensity with the small but potent game characters. Burning Wins remains true to the glory days of the three-reel games by featuring the classic casino symbols starting with the triple sevens. The triple sevens ensure things add up in a hurry with $15,000 for nine of the precious sevens. The other Burning Wins characters are the bells, the watermelons, the cherries, triple bars, the double bars, and the single bars.

Tearing Up The Bonus Rounds

Instead of elaborate bonus rounds like free spins, Burning Wins opts to rely on the power of the winning multiplier.

Can You Win Some More In The Free Spins Bonus?

Again, Burning Wins opts for simplicity which is why it likewise relies on the power of the winning multiplier.

Experience An Outstanding Return To Player

We told you from the start that Burning Wins means business. Perhaps the 96% return to player will help grab you to bring that point home.

The Reviews Keep Coming

Burning Wins continues to be a runaway success in the eyes of online casino players. The only question is, why aren’t you at the table yet?

Get Ready To Have Some Fun With Burning Wins

While tremendous winning opportunities lie ahead with Burning Wins, you can continue playing this title through the demo version.

Real Money Burns Through Your Pockets

Burning Wins delivers more than your daily dose of ways to win. The online casino hosting Burning Wins has a treasure trove of playthrough banking options.

Burning Wins Awaits On The Intelligent Devices

Whether you are enjoying an excellent night gaming on the computer or you are taking Burning Wins to go, it performs like a champ on the major smart devices.