Sevens & Fruits Slots

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video, 5-reel
Fruits, Classic Slot Symbols
When you were a child, your mother always told you to eat plenty of fruit. Thanks to Playson, you can get your fruit and win, too, thanks to its ingenious creation, Sevens & Fruits. Sevens & Fruits combines the thrilling golden age of the three-reel giant and puts it in the body of today's boosted five-reel model. The potential is endless with Sevens & Fruits!

Playson Enters The Scene

To the casual slot game observer, it might seem that the slot game field is oversaturated. It is clear that you don't know about Playson. If you are unacquainted with Playson, some of the highlights include its maiden voyage in 2012. In its short existence, Playson cranked out over 30 slot games. One of those includes Sevens & Fruits. The subject of this conversation.

Practice Getting All That Fruit In

Sevens & Fruits is a complete bonanza to suit your fruit and gaming needs. The backdrop is simple but still worthy of the gaming chase. The background is a colorful backdrop of the different savory fruits. Keeping things moving along, Sevens & Fruits provides light animation when you draw the appropriate winning combinations.

Playson Makes The Gaming Environment Work

Sevens & Fruits doesn't stop at the tasty fruit. Far from it. Sevens & Fruits contain all of the game-winning blocks beginning with the pay line arrows. After all, how do you expect to manage the whole five pay lines? Again, that's where the pay line arrows come into focus. Nothing is stopping you from bringing down the house with an entire five-reel wager. Sevens & Fruits invites you to tone things down by gambling on lesser pay lines.

Sevens & Fruits keeps the fruit train moving with the advent of the coin value buttons. Sevens & Fruits accompanies the pay line arrows with the fantastic coin value buttons. Sevens & Fruits opens the door for a wild night of bets starting as low as one cent. Sevens & Fruits gives you complete control of the fruity game experience with the options button.

Sevens & Fruits Deliver On A Multitude Of Levels

Sevens & Fruits takes the business of winning to new heights by delivering excellent regular gameplay, with a few extra incentives.

The Pay Lines Are Worth The Squeeze

If you can forgive the shameful fruit expressions, then you should be over the moon with the pay line arrows available. We talked briefly about the pay line arrows value, but now it's worth mentioning them again.

This Bet Is For Real

The coin value buttons proudly follow the pay lines' footsteps, which equals plenty of freshly squeezed juicy wins.

Sevens & Fruits Packs The Tremendous Bonus Rounds

Sevens & Fruits round the gaming mountain with simple bonus round play.

There Is No Magic In These Free Spins

Sevens & Fruits is a potent five-reel game, but it keeps things so simple that it doesn't provide additional free spins bonus rounds. All is not lost because you stand to win the top 100,000 credits.

It Pays To Play Sevens & Stripes

We told you from the beginning of this article that the Playson slot developer is serious about the craft of slot games. It delivers the goods with a resounding 96% return to player for your gaming prowess and bets.

Sevens & Stripes Is A True Fan Favorite

From start to finish, Sevens & Stripes delivers the gaming and winning goods. If you peruse the gaming internet, you will find authentic and genuine reviews supporting Sevens & Stripes.

Take A Slice And Win

Sevens & Stripes is available at many online casinos that host and support Playson games. You can take your slice of the gaming pie by using many of the tremendous promotions that are available for your gaming delight.

Taking Your Fruit And Cake Too

Sevens & Stripes might make you eager to jump in with both feet and win right away, but you don't have to start playing that way. Remember, Sevens & Stripes is full of demo play versions so that you can get your fill of the game.

Gorging On Fruit

Sevens & Stripes sets the stage for a lovely night of winning with online casinos' user-friendly banking options.

Sevens & Stripes Is Ready For The Mobile Platform

Sevens & Stripes is juiced up for the major mobile platforms, but it is still home computer friendly.